Work Day 3 and 4

Wednesday. DOOR.  By Tori and Rachel

Group 9 went to a children’s “Head Start” daycare. It is run by a former Olympian sprinter who also played four years  pro in the NFL for the Eagles and the Buccaneers. We were taken there by Jesus, the Spanish language name “Jesus” aka “J.”  He is going to be a senior in high school and was one of the awesome staff members at DOOR. On the way to the academy Jesus showed us how to figure out which buildings are pot clinics or have pot available. When we got to head start and the kids started showing up we played basketball for a while but the big hit was kickball! We got to see how the run their academy. They serve three meals a day for everyone. After breakfast we all loaded up the bus to go to a golf course about fifteen minutes away. The way there we were amazing and impressed that the kids, the oldest being seven, knew all the words to every single rap gangstaa music we listened to. We were also very sad that they were this young and knowing this music. We got to the golf course for our first tee program! To warm up for this beautiful executive three hole golf course we had very tough moves and stretch very, very well so we would not get injured. We first started off with jumping in circles on one leg. Then we went on to handstands. The most fun was the cartwheels and summersault races. After this we split up into group of boys and girls. The boys stayed where we warmed up and did the driving range. The girls went off with their plastic golf balls and played a few holes. Besides the occasional fights between the young girls and throwing of clubs we had a lot of fun. We went back early because Jordan, one of young boys, had an allergic reaction to the grass and pollen. We got back to the academy and played more…. KICKBALL! We had a feast for lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs, green beans, French fries, fruit, corn, salad. Then we went out to play with the kids on the jumpy castles and the jungle gym. Tori’s new occupation is a pony and a monster… a lava monster! Rachel was a human jumpy castle, and Cody was the horse trainer who led Tori around the playground. We were sad to leave the kid, but we had a great day.

PS: WE DON’T BANG!!!! ( in the gang world you say this to inform the actual members of a gang you mean no harm.) JESUS TAUGHT US.

Thursday at metro care ring by Brennan

My experience for metro care ring was amazing. It is just mind boggling that we fed 101 families, which was almost a new record.  We went through 2 tons of food that day. That organization is amazing because the organization used their brains and figured out that grocery stores throw 1/3 of all the food they have.  They decided they would ask if instead of throwing the food away if they could give it to this organization because most of the food is still good and can go to needy families that need it. It was just an eye opening experience in the fact that organizations exist in the world.

Work Day 2 continued

We had free time last evening, so we wandered around the Denver 6th Street mall and didn’t get our blog written.  Here is the continuation of Day 2 written by Cody Martinz.

Day two was a very exciting day; I got to experience something that I never thought I would do until I was an adult. We went to a church called Sun Valley to have a good time at a barbecue and help other families that can’t afford to eat every night.

                In March we watched a video(click here to see the video we watched)about a church that was called Sun Valley and how poor their neighborhood were but how strong the church was about helping people in need. In the middle of the video it showed a young boy shooting a basketball into a hoop with the net broken and hanging on the side. When I saw that, I wanted to take basketballs and nets down so I could help kids in need, when we got here to Denver I was looking for any court with hoops that didn’t have a net.
But I  really wanted to find the hoop that was in the video even though I knew the chances of finding it were slim. When we were walking around by the Sun Valley Church, I happened to look over to my side and I saw one hoop without a net and the other hoop had a net hanging on the side of the rim. I wanted to collapse because I found exactly what I was looking for, I was even imagining the little kid I saw on the video, I went straight to the car and got the two nets and with a little help put them up.

I had also really wanted to present the basketballs I had brought along to a couple of neighborhood kids.  So I found the pastor of the church and he helped me present the basketballs.

It was a very powerful experience to me that not only was I able to give some else a gift but that I was able to put the nets on the exact hoops that I had seen in the video even when we didn’t know we would end up visited that exact neighborhood.

written by: Cody Martinz

The Tuesday evening service we attended was called  “Tha Myx”  (click here to see their website), and it was a hip hop worship.  Here is a short video of the music.

Work Day 2 at Brother’s Redevelopment

On day two group ten made up of Terri, Jean, Cody H. and Greg,  (also youth from churches in Houston, Texas and Maple Lake, Minnesota) helped an agency called Brothers Redevelopment .  Brothers Redevelopment  is a group of people that helps families who have a member in the family who is disabled and either afford to do home repairs themselves or just simple can’t do it.  Brothers Redevelopment does things from painting houses to building and installing ramps for wheel chairs and hand rails in bathrooms and all throughout the house.  They will also lower kitchen counters if need be and make things more accessible for the family. Anyway what my group did was paint a house for a disabled woman who was in a wheelchair.  Here are some pictures of our work.

-Written by Gregory Witt

One of the Suburbans got a flat tire today.  Jean Witt claimed it happened because of the bad luck she picked up walking under the ladder at this painting job.  However, we do keep saying that a “mission trip” doesn’t become a “Jesus trip” until things start going a different way than the way you had planned.  Here is the video of the tire change.  Brennan was changing the tire as Chase and Kenneth staged a “Mr. Universe” contest  for passing traffic. 


Work Day 1 at ARC Thrift Store

Today the CLF Rap group split up into three groups and went to do different things.  The following  entry was written by Rachel Petik and Tori Dahlstrom.

Cody Martinz, Tori Dahlstrom, and Rachel Petik were supervised by Duane Martinz and were known as Group 9. They all went about 10 minutes away from the church to an inner city ARC Thrift Store. This store is run by a couple employees, most of whom are disabled in some way (mental or physical). All others were volunteers. Although it looked like the old Lynn’s Dakotamart, inside there was an efficient system of sorting, pricing, packing, recycling, and even bigger hearts. Each item was donated and from even the loneliest right shoe, was used. They tried to sell everything but after about a month or so if it did not sell or if they couldn’t put the item on the sales rack, they would bale it (literally BALE it!!) and send it out to 3rd world countries, you never saw one garbage bin. Although the group was not able to use the bail machine, they were put to work on the sales floor, sorting sizes and colors in all men, and children departments. They were allowed one 15 minute break and a 30 minute lunch and started at 9am and went until 2:30pm. The group chose not to use their short break and put the time toward sorting out the mess of children and infant sections. Even though everything was donations, there weren’t any stains, rips or holes and surprising a lot of name brand things. This was a great example of how the community joins and works together. While they were there they also found some great buys of their own! Two favorites is the “be like Jesus” t-shirt, and Michael Jordan shorts for five bucks!! You can’t find a better deal than that!

~Group 9


We arrived!

Our group made it safe and sound to First Mennonite Church in Denver and received our orientation with DOOR.  Many cars and trucks honked at the “Honk if you love Jesus sign that the girls painted on the window of the vehicles.

Tomorrow night the high schoolers will begin blogging about their work  day.

Thank you Rachel for the group pic in the CLF parking lot.

Rap Group headed to Denver

On Sunday eight high schoolers and four adults from the congregation will be headed to Denver to spend a week working with the Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection (DOOR).  Click here to see the DOOR website.

We get to sleep on the floor of the Mennonite church and spend the days working at a variety of service organizations in d0wntown Denver.  If we can find and internet connection we will have members of our team blogging each evening on this site.   Check back here on Monday night to received to latest news.


Well, the jury is still out about what Jesus would have barbecued.  I posted the question on Facebook, and a number of people mentioned that as an observant Jew Jesus most likely would’ve passed on the baby back ribs.  However, we still served our Vacation Bible School teachers the ribs, saving the brisket for the parents at the evening program.

The VBS kids had a fun time learning the story of the Prodigal Son and took part in the christening of the church’s BBQ pit as “The Fatted Calf.”

We’re trying our hand at Southern pulled pork sandwiches tomorrow evening at 5:30 for our July roast.  You are welcome to join us at the church’s outdoor worship area for some good eats and a nice worship service.