WWJBBQ: What Would Jesus Barbecue?

We’re getting ready to have our first of three Texas Barbecues here at CLF on June 15.  We did a test run of the brisket and ribs for Pastor Kent’s birthday party with the church staff yesterday.

I know I’d be pushing the pride sin by calling the results, “awesome.”  So I’ll  use the Garrison Keillor compliment and say the food was pretty good.

Here is a video of  the barbecue pit and the results.  Hope to see you on the 15th.

Joplin Tornado

The following eAlert came from the ELCA Disaster Response:

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,


An outbreak of tornadoes tore across the Midwest this weekend, leaving a path of destruction from Texas to Minnesota.


Especially hard-hit is Joplin, Mo., where a powerful tornado leveled parts of the community, killing at least 89 people. Residents say the city is completely unrecognizable.


The building that housed an ELCA congregation has been destroyed, according to its pastor. Please keep the Rev. Bill Pape and the people of Peace Lutheran Church in Joplin in your prayers.


This outbreak is one of several destructive storms this spring. Communities throughout the Midwest and South have also faced widespread damage due to floods and severe storms.


 ELCA Disaster Response is already assessing the situation in Joplin and other areas affected by severe storms and flooding. Your gifts are needed to help provide for the immediate and long-term needs of those affected by these disasters.

All of your gifts-100 percent-designated for “U.S. Severe Storms” will be used for emergency and long-term assistance following these storms. Please give generously and continue to pray for those whose lives have been uprooted by this disaster.

For additional updates on the tornado in Joplin, MO and Peace Lutheran Church, visit the Central States Synod website.

Daydreaming about stars

At parent teacher conferences during my fourth grade year, Mrs. Hoftiezer told my mother that I daydreamed too much.  I think I picked up the daydreaming habit in church.  To this day I can close my eyes and picture the stained glass stories of Jesus from the Lutheran Church of Dell Rapids (Jesus the Shepherd and Jesus at Gethsemene, by the way).  I’d argue that wasn’t day dreaming, I was looking.

I’m grateful that Custer Lutheran Fellowship has a lot to look at on any given Sunday morning.  The view of Stockade Lake through the sanctuary windows is good reason for Pastor Kent and I to work hard on our sermons.  It takes some pretty engaging words to compete with the sun shimmering on the lake.  We also have very meaningful paraments and banners to look at.  One of my favorite sets of textile art depictions the local flora and fauna.  I was able to identify all of the plants except one, so I asked our local designer, Camille, what that white flower was.

The response?  Star Lily.  Camille found one in bloom yesterday and sent me a photograph.

I’ve been reading a book lately that says one of the major goals of ministry is to be a student of  your local topography,  to basically know about your place.

I’m glad that I know the name of that flower .  It’ll give me something to think about when I’m not looking out the window.