Joy Exploded

For a number of months Pastor Kent and I have been linking you to the Exploding Joy blog through this site.  Nina Joy worked on staff at Custer Lutheran Fellowship before leaving to work on an advanced degree at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.  While at Luther Seminary, Nina was awarded the Preus Student Leadership Award which allowed her to spend three months in South Africa working in churches and social ministries a continent away from her comfort zone.

She came back to the United States with a powerful story to share, as well as a Dutch Reformed fiance named Wynand Hansen.  Wynand is a church musician in South Africa, working primarily in Dutch Reformed congregations there.

For the past two weeks Nina and Wynand have been in Custer telling their story in word and song.  I am struck by how the intersection of cultures challenges me, poses questions, and makes me stretch my faith.  I am grateful to Nina and Wynand for their ministry in this place.  Here is a short video of their presentation at Wednesday Night Life last night.  The sound quality of the video is my fault, not theirs.

Wynand led us in a number of songs, including a few in Afrikaans.  Nina gave a brief history of South Africa and told her own story.  Check out Nina’s blog to read details about her experience.  If you have ever considered a short term mission trip in another country, Nina’s experience will give you a glimpse of what it can be like.


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