Come all ye faithful

“Come all ye Faithful,” goes the famous Christmas hymn.

If I could make the words rhyme I would love to add a plethora of new verses including: Come all ye unFaithful; Come all ye somewhat Faithful, Come all ye who are not quite sure what Faithful means, Come all ye who really like to sing Christmas songs; Come all ye who ooze with nostalgia, Come all ye who don’t feel very Christmasy this year; Come all ye who are filled with joy and wonder; Come all ye who are feeling lonely; Come all ye who are only showing up because mom won’t feed you Christmas dinner unless you go to church; Come all ye who wished you could open presents before church instead of after; Come all ye who long to hear the old, old story; Come all ye Republicans, Come all ye Democrats; Come all ye people who aren’t political at all; Come all ye who love to fill out  all the Facebook blanks; Come all ye who don’t know how to turn on a computer; Come all ye who really love to hold a candle and sing Silent Night; Come all ye to Christmas Eve worship at Custer Lutheran Fellowship at 4:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., or 11:00 p.m. on December 24.

We will be sharing Holy Communion at each service and will end each service with candles and Silent Night.

Sunday School Christmas Programs

As some local pastors gathered for a text study program, we were talking about Sunday School Christmas programs and one of the pastors suggested that something always goes wrong with them – that’s what makes them a Sunday School Christmas program.  Whether it’s a missed line, a wardrobe malfunction, an extra-excited actor, or just the naturally wandering eyes of an eight year old; the most memorable Sunday School Christmas programs are the ones that take a sharp turn through disaster… before righting itself by the final song.

Surprisingly, this is true of the Christmas story itself as well.  As we prepare to hear told the story as Luke tells it… of a too young and engaged but pregnant couple, not enough room at an inn, the birth next door with the new baby laid in a feed lot as well as shepherds keeping watch over their flocks by night made terrified by a messenger of God; it reminds you a little of a play that doesn’t quite go the way it was supposed to.

Still, God’s love rights everything before the final song.  And everyone afterwards says how wonderful it was.

This year’s Sunday School Christmas program was no exception (except that if anything, it went much better than the director led us to believe it would go!).  Here’s a picture as well as a link to a few video clips of the program.  Many thanks to all the Sunday School children and all who helped get the program together!